Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

These solutions all share some level of customization to meet customer’s specific requirements.  Anything from additional features to major changes in programming and systems integration are all possible with CIMS.  For over 30 years, CIMS has been designing and implementing fully integrated track and trace data collection solutions.  The following list is a small sample of the custom solutions we created to solve specific problems in a wide range of industries:


Inventory and logistics software for third party warehouse and distribution. Includes wireless handheld terminal barcode scanning of received product, location and movement, bundling and unbundling, BOL generation and billing integration. Scanning for load verification is also included, along with numerous reports.

Fresh Fish Processing

Fish processing plant management software designed to record product cycle from dock receiving to processing, cold storage and shipment to final customer. Includes weight scale integration, barcode label printing, production floor touch screen control, wireless network and scanner integration for real time data processing. Lot traceability for food product recall purposes built in to system. Various reports including BOL generation also included.

Job Tracking – Equipment Rentals

Inventory and job tracking software for equipment rental operations. Repair parts inventory managed and tracked to repair jobs per piece of equipment. Multiple locations including mobile service trucks integrated. Secure access to inventory room via RFID swipe cards integrated into inventory control system.

Job Tracking – Production Lines

Production line inventory tracking and employee job tracking using batch data collection and rugged barcode scanners.  In addition, employee time records also produced for payroll.

Third Party Warehouse Logistics

Third party warehouse logistics management solution to track frozen product received and shipped.  Record of storage location, movements, time in storage and value-added services are kept and updated in real-time via wireless handheld barcode terminals.  Web based access for product owners to review status of their inventory while in storage.  Invoice report generation as well as BOL generation.  Traceability by lot number for recall purposes.

Inventory Control

Inventory tracking by category (asset, resale parts, repair parts, etc.) as well as by location. Has purchasing info attached including manufacturer, distributor, purchase price and date.  Tracks usage via Sales Order or Work Order consumption.  Has barcode scanning interface with keyboard wedge scanner for service desk.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking application with unique identifier (barcode) attached to each asset and tracked by location, user, date and time.  Contains asset description including where and when purchased, price and photo if available. Scanning via batch or real-time WiFi available.

Marine Traffic Surveillance

Offshore marine traffic surveillance, designed to monitor, track and trace vessels making unauthorized passage through certain waterways, including illegal fishing.  Working in partnership with vendors of radar equipment, CIMS was tasked with the role of integrating both radar and video data through high speed Point to Point wireless backhaul links from shoreline outposts, through to various fiber network injection points, all linked ultimately to two monitoring stations.  Strategically placed towers along the country’s shoreline ranged in heights from 5 meters to in excess of 70 meters.

Farm Produce Process Tracking

Fresh produce lot tracking from multiple suppliers via weight scale interface recording date, time and weight.  Product tracked through processing and auto update of lot number printing via scanning of bar-coded delivery label.  Tracking also included storage, staging and shipping.

Meat Processing

Poultry processing application that tracks amount of product produced by lot number and supplier.  Touch screen software allows on floor selection of product labeling to match final product description.  Record of daily production and reports of same are produced.  Shipping of product and BOL produced from scanned boxes and pallets. Inventory remaining recorded. Data collection via wireless hand held terminals and RF network installed.  Traceability extends back to raw materials from processor’s suppliers.

Food Processing

Inventory management solution designed for track and trace of all ingredients used in finished products in the food processing industry.  Complete inventory management package that is integrated to the ERP backend software package.  Designed to operate in facilities with multiple locations.  Some studies indicate this particular application serves in excess of 90% of the population annually, in the country currently installed.  This is an excellent example of a mission critical application, with substantial implications on a national level.

Animal Genetics Tracking

Solution that allows the selection of mink mating pairs to best of breed according to breeder’s attribute choices.  Traces lineage through the generations to help improve stock value.  There are multiple breeder-driven criteria and multiple weighted values associated with selection process.

Railcar Tracking (via AEI RFID)

Integrated solution to record the arrival and movements of railcars in a closed yard system via fixed mount RFID readers, wheel detectors and closed loop sensors.  Each railcar’s contents are extracted from EDI data files provided by rail carrier (matching each railcar’s unique RFID tag).  Data is collected and sent to designated server file for polling of customer application to update rail car movements in real time.

This integrated solution tracks railcars, via handheld AEI RFID readers. This application is web enabled, using android handheld terminals.

Laboratory Research Tracking

This application is designed to track results from multiple processing methods back to the original sample of material being processed.  There are many simultaneous test processes that may be traced back to a common sample and all test results are compared for determination of a preferred processing formula.  Barcoded labels are produced for sample identification and wireless hand held terminals are used for real time data collection and data base updating.  Complex reports are used by the scientists for result comparisons and further research.

Small Items Consumables Tracking

Solution for tracking maintenance of supply carts used for replenishment of consumables (IV Solutions, syringes, tubing, etc.) at nursing stations throughout hospitals.  Inventory levels at each nursing station, in all drawers and shelves, also tracked.  Supply carts have barcode labels attached as identifiers, as did all drawers and shelving at all nursing stations.  Each morning picking lists were produced (both in hard copy and appearing on screens of barcode scanners) in the hospital’s stores.  Staff would stock the supply carts and ready them to be taken to the designated nursing stations to replenish consumable stocks.  Stock clerks would replenish each nursing station as per the order, confirming with the barcode scanners, in real time.

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