CIMS Cyberlock

CIMS Cyberlock

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CyberLock is a key-centric access control system that provides full featured access control to every locking point in a facility without wiring. Receive audit trails and reports on every lock and key to know who was where and when. Secure anything anywhere with over 350 different lock options.
Choose from a variety of locks, keys, communicators and software packages for full customization and personalized security. Set permissions and schedules for each key holder to restrict access and expire key permissions to increase accountability and eliminate the risk of lost or stolen keys.

Superior Key Control

Distribute keys but maintain full control over what they access, and when

Cost Effective

Eliminate the need for costly rekeying processes


Electronic lock cylinders retrofit to your existing door hardware

Simple and Reliable

User-friendly online system allows you to adjust security preferences instantly

Electronic Locks

CyberLock cylinders are high security electronic locks designed to track and control access throughout your facility.

Smart Keys

Programmed with access permissions for each key holder, CyberKey smart keys serve as the gatekeeper for the CyberLock system.

Online Database

Communicators serve as the interface between CyberLock hardware and CyberAudit management software.

Video Tutorials

how it works

CyberLock Solution | Overview

CyberLock Solution | Durable

CyberKey Air 2

CyberKey Blue 2

Validikey 20 Vault

CyberKey Flash

CyberLock | Meet Bob

Meet Dave | Airport Security

Cyberlock System

A CyberLock System is made up of electronic lock cylinders, programmable smart keys, communication devices, and software. The result is a fully functioning access control system that increases security, accountability, and key control


Cylinder Locks
Cam Locks






CIMS Hosted


Flex system

Purpose-Built CIMS CyberLock Solutions

CyberLock for Traffic Control

The traffic control industry has many unique security needs. Securing traffic control boxes, digital signs, traffic lights & other infrastructure...

CyberLock for Electronic Gaming Machines

When it comes to electronic gaming machines, our experience has taughtus that security, accurate tracking and operational efficiency are crucial...

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