Signature Track & Trace Solutions

Signature Track and Trace Solutions

These solutions all share the following main concepts:

Purpose built and designed to specific standards

Ranging from CIMS design to ASTM documented design specifications

Each of the packages deployed are of a single version

Signature solutions use our existing software, and are more affordable than custom alternatives.

Option for CIMS remotely log into the software to assist

Customer no longer has to spend hours learning to operate the software

Technologies employed in these solutions range from:

Client / Server to Cloud based web application computing

Development tools from MicroSoft through Java and multiple SDK

Data communications technologies

IR, WiFi, BlueTooth, Serial Optical Communications, Cellular, Hardwire Serial, Real-Time and Batch data updates

Automated data collection technologies

Touch buttons, barcode scanning, geolocation capture

PEP Trax

Barcode labeling (at point of manufacture) of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing, used for natural gas distribution. This solution has been designed to be in full compliance with ASTM F2897-15a.  In addition, the solution also enables full decoding of the barcodes, both on site as well as in the field through a web application ready for loading onto handheld smartphones, accessing the cloud in real time.


As of 2018, there were 2.5 million miles of natural gas distribution lines in the USA, with an additional 250,000 miles in Canada, all unlabeled with no ability to track and trace for purposes of planned replacements, potential manufacturer warrantee claims, ensuring Q & A of product being installed, and more.

Solution: PEP Trax

Using high duty cycle ink-jet printers from Domino Printers, CIMS was to build a system designed to meet ASTM F2897-15 specifications for pipe labeling

Solution further included decoding of the base62 barcodes, both on site at manufacturer and in the field if necessary

Final solution installed would be a web application, hosted by CIMS in the cloud

In addition, a wide range of production parameters and controls were required by the client to be included in the project

The above is the first step (Labeling) of a total 4 step solution to the industry

Additional steps yet to be added include:

Capturing geolocation data of pipe, at installation sites

Posting in real-time to the cloud via cellular LTE communications

Providing geo-analytics to distribution network owners (such as Fortis)

There are 1,750 unique owners of natural gas pipeline networks in North America

How many of these need CyberLock?

Can we possibly piggy-back certain marketingefforts here, btw C/Lock and PEPTrax?

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